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John Driscoll is a go-to authority for advice and solutions to problems in the boating world. He has an extensive professional background in all aspects of the maritime industry.

His clientele includes buyers and sellers of power and sailboats, shipyards, boat builders and outfitters and marinas. 

John Driscoll is a sought-after consultant to the maritime legal community. His services include: case evaluation, gathering evidence, discovery preparation and depositions, trial preparation expert testimony, and expert witness.

Expert Witness

  • Case evaluations
  • Mediations
  • Arbitrations
  • Trials

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  • Sales / marketing
  • Inventory access
  • Comprehensive services

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Consultant / Agent

  • Vessel construction
  • Maintenance / outfitting
  • Project management
  • Shipyard administration / operations
  • Marina management / operations

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