Professional Certifications and Licenses

  • United Coast Guard, U.S. Merchant Marine Officer, License #1152340
  • Master of Steam, Motor, Auxiliary Sail Vessels of up to 100 gross tons
  • California Department of Boating and Waterways: Licensed Yacht and Ship Broker
  • Department of Homeland Security: Transportation Worker Identification Credential
  • Department of Homeland Security SENTRI Pass Certified
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors Certified
  • National Association of Underwater Instructors Certified
  • California Yacht Brokers License
  • Florida Yacht Salesman License


  • California Yacht Brokers Association—Charter Member
  • San Diego Yacht Club, Board of Directors (1991—1999)
  • San Diego Yacht Club, Commodore (1998)
  • San Diego Yacht Club, Staff Commodore (1999—present)
  • Ancient Mariners Sailing Society, Board of Directors
  • Cortez Racing Association—Member
  • U.S. Sailing Association—Member
  • San Diego Rotary Club, Club 33—Member

Awards / Honors

  • North America Silver Star Championship, (1982): Silver Star (First Place)
  • Lipton Cup: (1974), (1975), (1976), (1986), (1987), (1999), (2000), (2002), (2011) —an inter-club championship featuring some of the biggest yacht clubs in the nation vying for one of the most coveted sailing trophies.
  • Won most of the West Coast Star Class regattas from 1980 through 1990
  • San Diego Association of Yacht Club: Yachtsman of the Year (1982)
  • San Diego Yacht Club: Yachtsman of the Year (1982)
  • San Diego Yacht Club: Yacht of the Year (1982)
  • The San Diego Hall of Champions: Star of the Month for August
    for winning the North American Star Class Sailing Championship
  • Breitbard Hall of Fame: Breitbard Athletic Award (1987)