John DriscollJohn’s extensive professional background in all aspects of the maritime industry and his passion for recreational sailing and competitive boat racing have made him a go-to authority for advice and solutions to problems in the boating world.

His clientele include buyers and sellers of many size and type of boat, both power and sail, shipyards, boat builders, outfitters and marinas. 

John Driscoll is a sought-after consultant to the maritime legal community. His services include: witness services, brokerage services, vessel evaluation,  construction and maintenance management. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Vessel construction
  • Maintenance/outfitting
  • Project management
  • Shipyard administration
  • Shipyard operations
  • Marina management
  • Marina operations

Maritime Agent

John Driscoll AgentAs a maritime agent, John Driscoll represents the interests of his clients in searching and negotiating for the ideal vessel to meet their dreams and requirements. 

Acting as a project manager, Driscoll also represents clients’ interests in the construction, renovation and/or maintenance of their vessels. In this capacity, he acts as the owner’s representative to negotiate contracts and supervise the design, construction and outfitting of new and retrofitted vessels.