John Driscoll and I became acquainted in 2011 while I was handling a significant legal matter for a client. I was in need of an expert in the marine field and learned that John had a reputation as a highly knowledgeable credible industry expert. After meeting with John I knew that his abilities would serve my clients well both as a consultant and potential expert witness in a matter pending before the United States Tax Court. In addition to his knowledge, John’s years of experience in the field enabled him to address the rather unusual  and subjective and subjective aspects of my client’s case.

Through our working relationship John kept ahead of a demanding that dictation schedule. He provided expertise on the topic raised by our opposition, and also raised additional issues for consideration, reflective of his deep level of knowledge and experience. He was reliable and professional, which made him very easy to work with and allowed me time to work efficiently on my side of the case. I also had confidence in his ability to provide excellent testimony should the case be required of it. John’s knowledge prove instrumental in our pretrial negotiations with the opposition, and we were able to obtain a reversal of their position while avoiding the lengthy, expensive and complicated trial for our client.   John’s demonstrated expertise and probity directly lead, in my view, to a most favorable settlement and decision in the Tax Court matter. A proposed deficiency in income tax, interest, and penalties of some $700,000 became a refund of some $15,000 to our mutual client.

I am privileged to recommend John Driscoll to anyone requiring a maritime expert, whether for ongoing activities or as a highly competent and credible expert in the field of maritime construction and the luxury yacht business. I have no doubt that his knowledge and professionalism help him carry the day and my client’s case. Please feel free to contact me should you require anything further.

letter of recommendation

Charles Jamison
Attorney at Law

John helped me purchase an Offshore 48 last summer in Florida. On our first trip to Florida he hooked me up with two excellent surveyors, one for the engines and one for the hull. They both discovered a few items that needed to be fixed. At that point John stepped in and negotiated very strongly on my behalf. As a result I received a sizeable credit from the seller, which allowed me to make the necessary corrections. John put me before his commission. Pretty extraordinary.

He then arranged shipping for the boat from Florida to San Diego. He shopped for the best deal and saved me approximately $3,000 over the first bid, which I was prepared to accept.

Now, 8 months down the road, I’m working on a slight vibration problem. John stepped in again… not making a nickel…and is interacting with the boat yard propeller company and various mechanics to resolve the problem. He says “it has to be right”.

John’s been around boats his entire life. His expertise as a boat person and as my broker really paid off. He definitely conducts his business in the best interest of his clients.

Additionally, he’s a great guy.

Michael Morton
Owner / Board Chair
The Brigantine
Family of Restaurants

John Driscoll has a vast experience in sailing and knows what owning a boat is all about. He has been instrumental in working with me on all of my larger vessels.

Our partnership began in 1983 with the purchase and outfitting of a 53 foot DeFever Trawler named Akbar and has continued through numerous acquisitions including Zephyrus IV, Zephyrus V maxi racing sleds, to Cangarda, a 126 foot, 1901 steam-powered yacht currently under restoration.

Much of owning, building and racing large vessels is the ability to have deep background in the subject. and John Driscoll is more than qualified.

Bob McNeil, PhD
Managing Director
Sanderling Ventures

When I found the boat I wanted, a Tiara 31, John made the purchase work where other brokers probably couldn’t have. I thought the seller’s asking price and my offer were so far apart that I’d never be able to buy the Tiara, but John helped both parties come to a successful compromise. He really went the extra mile.

John is fair, totally honest and communicates well with all parties in a deal. He has many years of experience as a broker, he has been working with boats all his life, and is obviously very well respected in the industry.

Julie Bergman
Private Investigator

As an admiralty attorney, I work with yards, managers, and brokers all over the world. I recently represented a client’s legal interests in purchase of an Azimut luxury motor yacht, and had the opportunity to work with John Driscoll. John was extremely knowledgeable about the yacht, the closing process and maritime law, which made my job much easier. He is a multi-tasker who can solve numerous problems, and he has a great gift with calming the waters and making people come together to resolve their disputes amicably.

Would I work with John again? ABSOLUTELY!

Danielle Butler
Admiralty Attorney
Miami, Florida

I work with a yacht transportation company so I’ve had the pleasure of working with John many times. He’s always been pleasant and truly there for his clients. He’s on top of every detail and that means his clients don’t have to waste their time following-up. I never have to talk to his clients, the boat owner, the captain, anyone.

I recommend John and his firm without hesitation.

Colleen Cummings
Yacht Path